#1 Workout/Motivation/Affirmation Track of 2020! | Train The Body & The Mind!

Produced by: Play Picasso Reproduced by: Dell Beats

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This track was created to help you train your body and your mind, using motivation affirmations. Use this music to workout, jog, train, and spar. Enjoy
– Justin

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The Cause Of Affirmation Problems And How To Solve It

The primary reason to why affirmations don’t work, or only work to a certain extent, is that we are not receptive to them – Our debilitating emotions and disturbing thoughts (low self-esteem) simply stop them from working. Here’s what we can do.

Positive Thinking and Affirmations – 5 Steps to Achieving Goals In Your Business or Personal Life

By using positive thinking and affirmations in your daily life you can achieve any goals you make for your business or personal life. Follow these 5 steps to turn your dreams into reality.

5 Effective Ways To Use Affirmations

Affirmations have been powerful statement tools for mankind for thousands of years. Every culture has its own form of affirmation where individuals can recite positive messages pertaining to their well-being, as well as eradicating negative situations they might be facing.

Affirmations That Work

Affirmations can be powerful tools for change, helping to overcome negative thought patterns and create new ways of being. But what if you’ve never tried using them before or you seem to be getting mixed results? Here’s how to get affirmations to work for you every time.

Creating Wealth Affirmations Successfully

Affirmations can be an effective and powerful tool for bring more abundance into our lives. If used properly, they help us make changes from the inside out, so we will be aware of and attract more of what we want into our experience.

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