7 Day MONEY Manifestation Challenge | Morning Abundance Affirmations

Welcome to the 7 Day Money Manifestation Challenge. The purpose of this recording is to help you generate extra cash flow within the next week. I’m not talking about just having an abundance mindset. Don’t get me wrong, your mindset is vitally important. But my ultimate goal for you is to have actual money in hand, or in the bank, within one week.

Listen to this recording every morning for 7 days in a row. And be sure to repeat the affirmations back to yourself. For an even bigger impact, write down or print the affirmations and read them multiple times throughout your day. That’s not a big commitment. It’s only one week. You can do this.

After Day 1, if you want to skip the intro and jump right into the affirmations, start here 1:42

Combine this with Sleep Affirmations | 7 Day MONEY Manifestation Challenge | Bedtime Abundance Meditation at https://youtu.be/izooRI2he0E

Here are the money manifestation affirmations …
I am abundant
Today I welcome money into my life
Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways
Today I am hyper aware of money-making opportunities
I am open and ready to receive new streams of income
Today I activate my wealth potential
I am abundance personified
Today I see evidence of abundance all around me
I am a prosperity magnet
Today I recognize money-making opportunities
My inner guidance reveals countless profitable ideas
Today I act on my inspired ideas
I am abundant!

You can also download and print this PDF of the affirmations and instructions:

Also, every day, leave a comment below this video with evidence of abundance in your life. From big things like job promotions and new freelance gigs to small things like finding $10 in an old pair of jeans or finding a quarter on the ground. It all reinforces the fact that abundance and money are flowing into your life.

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Written and read by Bob Baker.
Original background music by Bob Baker (c) 2019

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