Ask & It Is Given (The Law Of Attraction Truth)

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YouAreCreators was created to share one of the greatest secrets of the Universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! No…really (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the “Law Of Attraction”, or the law of “Reaping and Sowing”. This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out.

What Dost Thou Speaketh? Hey, Affirm This Way!

Articulating repetitive statements with emotion will inevitably connect you to your primary focus. Your destiny is guaranteed, when you repeatedly, decree a seed.

Affirm, Visualize, and Receive – Is Planning Really Necessary?

Once you know exactly what you want, visualization is more important – even more necessary – than planning, in other words, thinking about how you are going to enjoy whatever you want once you get it is more important – even more necessary – than thinking about how to get it in the first place!

Affecting Positive Results Through Affirmations

The subconscious mind has incredible ability to change our lives for the better if we understand how to use it! A large part of using the subconscious mind is learning how to program it to do the things we want it to. One of the absolute best ways we can program our subconscious is through the use of affirmations. This article focuses on the benefits of affirmations and how to best utilize them.

The Use of Affirmations

Discover how to turn your mindset, thoughts, and actions into a positive way of thinking and being.

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