ATTRACT an Abundance of LUCK with Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep πŸ€

Attract an abundance of luck with this powerful abundance affirmation / meditation video Change your mind set into one of wealth and prosperity. Program your subconscious mind power to attract luck, wealth, good fortune, & money. Attract an Abundance of Luck with Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep. πŸ€

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 75 Affirmations:
I feel the powerful presence of good luck every day.
My whole life is one lucky streak.
My good fortune increases every day.
The smarter I work, the luckier I am.
I focus on being lucky at every opportunity.
I expect luck.
My luck is incredible.
I deserve to go through life with luck and success.
I create my own good luck.
Every day I celebrate my continued good fortune.
I expect great things to happen every day of my life.
Every day I choose to be lucky.
To attract good fortune, I think and act positively.
I attract large amounts of money.
I am a vacuum for lucky circumstance.
I am lucky with money.
Golden opportunities increasingly come my way.
Good luck flows into my life every day.
I am ready for good fortune
I am a powerful magnet for good luck.
My good luck is with me every day.
I am empowered with infinite good fortune.
I feel like the luckiest person alive.
Good fortune always comes my way.
I expect to be lucky every day.
Luck is my constant companion.
My run of good luck is endless.
I expect the best and I always get it.
I am my own good luck charm.
Today I welcome abundant good luck into my life.
I feel lucky today.
Good things just always seem to come my way.
I bring good luck to my life.
I expect good luck to come my way.
Every day brings me endless good fortune.
I feel lucky all of the time
I have the right frame of mind.
Lady luck smiles on me.
Fantastic new opportunities come into my life every day.
I expect and receive good fortune every day of my life.
Everything I do brings me great success.
I focus on how lucky I am.
I create my own luck every day.
I attract good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.
I deserve the best and it comes to me at the right time.
I am incredibly lucky.
Things are going my way.
At every turn, opportunity appears before me.
Attracting good luck is easy for me.
I expect good fortune every day of my life.
I am surrounded by an abundance of opportunities.
Luck is always with me.
I expect good luck at all times.
Good things keep on happening to me.
I am the luckiest person in the world.
Luck comes to me without effort.
I feel the presence of luck every day.
I have abundant good luck in all endeavors.
Excellent opportunities increasingly come my way.
I deserve to be lucky.
All my needs and desires are easily met.
I spread good fortune wherever I go.
Things have an amazing way of always working in my favor.
Today, I enjoy limitless good fortune.
I am thankful for the luck in my life.
I attract good luck.
I am lucky in all matters.
Good luck flows into my life every day.
Today I will let myself be lucky.
I always get what I desire.
I am lucky.
I harness the power of my mind to achieve great things.
Everything is going my way.
I am a naturally lucky person.
I make my own luck by expecting it each day.

Attract an Abundance of Luck with Powerful Affirmations While You Sleep πŸ€

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Message From the Universe: Existentialism at Its Best

Realize that everything you put into your subconscious will find its way out and deliver the reality of your thoughts. Might as well think positive right? It is crucial to figure out a way to take some time out of your schedule to meditate and re-organize your thoughts accordingly. Every day can be a challenge but if you do not invest in yourself, both mentally and physically, you won’t be able to face the hurdles of your life and come out a winner. Your mind is as important as your physical body and both need to be addressed carefully. Body and soul work in synergy, and if one is missing, the other one won’t work to its full potential.

Message From the Universe: Quit Playing Games With Your Mind

You are in full control of what you feed your mind when it comes to positive thinking, or in many cases, negative thinking. It comes up to 2 daily choices. You can either pollute your mind with bad thoughts or start changing your perception about life and be grateful. It is really up to you. You have that control so embrace it and work towards a better and happier life

Message From the Universe: Actions Speak Louder Than Thoughts

Regardless of how positive you are and how great your thoughts are, if you do not put action behind these thoughts, they just stay as is. The key is to put efforts into making these great dreams of yours a reality. The Universe will take care of the how, just focus on the action. Sometimes, it came be hard to believe that such great amazing things could ever happen to us, that we couldn’t be as lucky as the Trumps, or the Zuckerburg etc.. Well, they put in the work they needed to make their dreams happen. Nothing will work if you do not put in the effort.

Message From the Universe: The Origin of Your Thought Process

Everything starts from an embryo stage idea to explode to something much bigger and sometimes intimidating. It is important to consider all options when you create your thoughts and also, be careful what you wish for when you create these thoughts.The Universe will take you seriously and will bring things to reality when you truly believe it will happen. Work towards these dreams and never let anything stop you from reaching them. Life is too short to doubt yourself.

Message From the Universe: Your Time Has Come and It Looks FABULOUS

Your time has come and you need to work towards making if you want to reach your goals. If what you used to do hasn’t rendered the results your desired, you need to take a different path. Do not be afraid of what can happen, as it is sometimes important to take that leap of faith and see where ti takes you. The Universe has a way to make things work so take action today and see where it brings you.

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