Attract Money NOW! Wealth & Abundance Affirmation Programming While You Sleep – Millionaire Mindset

These powerful millionaire mindset affirmations will change your mind set into one of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Attract money now – listen while you sleep to this millionaire affirmation video and program your subconscious mind power for prosperity. Attract Money NOW! Wealth & Abundance Affirmation Mind Programming While You Sleep – Millionaire Mindset.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 60 Affirmations:
My mind is attuned to becoming a millionaire.
I see wealth, abundance. and prosperity everywhere I go.
I work to create massive wealth for myself.
Financial opportunities are always there for me.
I am always conceiving million-dollar ideas.
I love my million-dollar lifestyle.
The confidence needed to succeed is within me.
I have an intense drive to be rich and successful.
My money is working for me.
I see myself as a multimillionaire.
My million-dollar goals are always manifesting.
I have enough money to share and to spare.
I think big, and get big results.
I have a million-dollar mindset.
I provide value that is worth millions of dollars.
I have a million dollar lifestyle.
I attract massive amounts of money.
I think million-dollar thoughts.
I see myself in lavish abundance.
I earn millions of dollars every single year.
I am worth millions of dollars.
I have a millionaire’s mind.
I think like a millionaire, and act like a millionaire.
I am motivated and persistent when going for my goals.
I always think big.
I have a million dollar work ethic.
I create a new and rich future.
I have the mind of a millionaire.
Everything I see, I can have.
I am committed to constantly learning and growing.
I deserve to be wealthy, it is part of who I am.
There is more than enough for everyone.
I am so happy and grateful that I now have a million dollar income.
I will keep pushing until I achieve massive success.
I choose to be a millionaire.
I always think millions.
I create my desired level of financial success.
I attract wealth to me from all directions.
Every day, in every way, I am becoming more and more wealthy.
People benefit from my wealth and abundance.
I release all negative associations to money.
I allow wealth to flow into my life.
I am highly motivated and productive.
I am grateful for the wealth that is inside me.
Becoming a millionaire is easy, if I believe.
I will keep moving forward no matter what.
My mind is becoming totally focused on making money.
I am so happy and grateful that I am a millionaire.
I see opportunities for enriching myself everywhere I look.
I now have enough money to buy anything I need or want.
The more I give, the wealthier I become.
Money flows to me.
Being wealthy gives me the power to help others.
I am an excellent money manager.
I make large amounts of money.
I am grateful for all the wealth in my life.
I am open and willing to receive massive amounts of money into my life.
I make millions of dollars.
I have everything I need to create whatever I want.
I constantly find abundance and prosperity wherever I look.

Music licensed from Chris Collins, indiemusicbox dot com.

Attract Money NOW! Wealth & Abundance Affirmation Mind Programming While You Sleep – Millionaire Mindset.

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Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to sleep affirmations, sleep meditation music, binaural beats, or guided sleep relaxations. These affirmations are not medical advice.

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