Be The Change You Wish To See (The Song!) Official Music Video

Be The Change You Wish To See (The Song!) Official Music Video by Fearless Soul. Download or Stream the full album “HEART AND SOUL” here:

From the first feature album by Fearless Soul “HEART AND SOUL” Listen here:


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Performed by Lyrically Twisted:

MUSIC COMPOSED by Patrick Rundblad

Image created by @skip_closer © Fearless Soul

“You have to lead by EXAMPLE. You see, that’s the key… You have to BE THE CHANGE… that you wish to see.”

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Why Not All Affirmations Work

There are valid reasons why some affirmations don’t work. Firstly it is important that your affirmations are what appeal to you most. This simply means the statements are about positive things you feel strongly about. It is vital that you think about what you really want rather than “a passing fancy”.

Why Affirmations Work

As soon as you resolve to have a positive change in your life, you would have made your first affirmation. The more you are willing to accept a change in your reality and to release the old flawed patterns, the better affirmations will be effective in your life.

What Are Affirmations

Our thoughts are a reflection of our inner beliefs. Every thought you think that is decoded into a word you say is an affirmation. Self development is about transforming our weaknesses in order to have a more fulfilling life. Positive affirmations are effective in self improvement.

3 Powerful Examples of Affirmations That Can Change Your Life Today

Affirmations are easy to do and remarkably effective over the long haul. Stating affirmations to yourself with power and purpose is a proven self-help tool for triggering positive change. Three examples of affirmations are provided to help get you started.

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It’s an especially opportune time on planet earth to transmute negative energies and bring the light of consciousness into areas of darkness. Everywhere I see the light of consciousness sparking new insights. Many are interpreting this New Age of Awakening and Planetary Renaissance, Eckhart Tolle’s, “A New Earth,” as the age of apocalypse where chaos reigns and fear and terrorism seem the prevalent forces. Learn practical and highly effective visualization and affirmation exercises for changing the way you look at things in your life for more positive outcomes and results.

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