BETTER LIFE (Official Music Video)

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Written, and Performed by the Amazing Rachael Schroeder:

MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

“I’m feeling free
Not holding on too tightly,
But loving everything so dearly
I’m living true
To what is the best for me
But that doesn’t mean it’s easy
To let go when it’s time, but I know
I’m making room for a better life”

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Power Affirmations – Part One

Affirmations can be a powerful tool in clearing out the negative thoughts feelings and beliefs in your mind, and thus making it easier to connect to the passion of your heart. Most people have at least a general idea about what affirmations are, however, I often find even people who use affirmations regularly are not doing so in the most powerful and effective way.

Affirmations – Far More Than Just Positive Thinking

When someone mentions affirmations, the first thing that comes into your mind is positive thinking. The classic positive thinking affirmation was created by Dr. Emil Coue. “Everyday in every way, I get better and better. The idea behind this type of affirmation is to create new positive habits and thoughts. This works very well but, it is only half of the story. There is another type of affirmation and it is just as important as positive affirmations.

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The Dangers of Positive Thinking

Many ‘gurus’ recommend “Positive Thinking” and “Affirmation” as the best way to get yourself “in the zone”. Not so – the most effective state of mind is a focused one. In other words, a clear state of mind, one in which you are alert to today’s opportunities.Many years research has shown that abnormally successful people operate in this clear, focused, alert state of mind.

Using Daily Affirmations Will Change Your Life

Using daily affirmations is the quickest way you will find to help you create positive, lasting changes in your life. The key to making those changes is to change the way you are thinking about life itself. Using affirmations on a daily basis will help you do that.

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