Binaural Relaxation ❤️️ (For Sleep, Anxiety Relief & Relaxation)

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Binaural beats are made by bringing together two different sound frequencies to create what we hear to be a single tone. For example, when you listen to a sound wave of 435hz in your left ear and 420hz in your right ear, your brain hears an imaginary tone. The sound your brain perceives is called the ‘binaural beat’. It is a very low frequency tone which you don’t actually hear.

Many studies have shown the powerful effect of listening to binaural relaxation beats, but essentially this ‘trickery’ of the brain can induce states of calm, relaxation and quiet within us. It works by breaking up the existing chatter within our brains, stopping the continued brainwave frequency of the stress of our day, the worries and the fears and shifting us into a frequency of peace. Binaural relaxation beats are therefore listened to often when individuals need help sleeping, for stress relief and relaxation.

This binaural relaxation music was created with low frequency binaural beats, allowing you to slip into deep states of calm and peace: perfect for sleep, anxiety relief and relaxation.

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