Childhood Trauma Healing – Soul Healing (While You Sleep)

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I AM affirmations. 8hrs of childhood trauma healing affirmations to heal completely, forgive and to live a happy life free of the past.

Part of the ‘Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these trauma healing affirmations will reintegrate all parts of your soul which were fragmented during child abuse or childhood trauma, PROFOUNDLY healing you and making you whole again once more.

Not only will this track heal you and all childhood trauma ENTIRELY, but it will give you the gift of forgiveness so that you can be free of old wounds and go on to live a truly ABUNDANT, HAPPY LIFE.

Listen as much as you can and please let me know if these childhood trauma healing affirmations help you in the comments below!

With love,
Jess @ Live The Life You Love ❤️️

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Music: Adrift Volume 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

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