Do AFFIRMATIONS Really Work? The Surprising Answer Is Here!

Do affirmations really work? In this video I discuss the power of affirmations and why they work. How they firm up your mental filter and rewire your brain for positivity and success. Why Do Affirmations? Because they work!

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How Positive Affirmations Work
Rewire Your Brain with Affirmations


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Get the Most From the Law of Attraction With Positive Affirmations

The Law of attraction is a “law” like gravity. Gravity can be used for both good and bad results. Gravity, in the positive sense, keeps us from floating off into space. Gravity, in the negative sense, will probably kill you if you jump from a 10 story building. Either way, it is always working. Make it work the right way with affirmations.

Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Job

Are you stuck in a job that you’re not happy with? Maybe it’s a “dead-end” job that provides no further opportunities or it doesn’t pay well.

Healing Tool to Enhance Affirmations

Research in the field of Mind-Body Psychology has demonstrated the destructive effect of negative self-talk upon the immune chemistry of the physical body. The same research has demonstrated that the immune system strengthens with positive self-talk and feelings.

Sometimes Affirmations Work and Sometimes They Do Not Work

When you repeat an affirmation, with which you are not in agreement, there is often a greater or smaller subconscious resistance, which defeats the affirmation. In cases of low self-esteem, difficult situations, failure or depression, your mind is often focused on your current situation, and you most probably find it difficult, or almost impossible to think of a different, positive situation.

The Importance of the Word “I” in Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is anything that we repeat over to ourselves. It is something that we believe in when repeated enough times. One of the most important parts of an affirmation is the word “I.”

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