Follow Your Heart Your Brain Is Stupid (THE SONG!) Official Lyric Video

Follow Your Heart Your Brain Is Stupid (THE SONG!) Official Lyric Video Download or Stream the full album “HEART AND SOUL” here:

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MUSIC COMPOSED by Patrick Rundblad for Fearless Soul
LYRICS and PRODUCTION by: Fearless Soul and
Jones 2.0:

IMAGE by @skip_closer © Fearless Soul

“Stuck in my head, I feel dead
Hiding behind all my fears
In the middle of my prayers
I heard a voice say
Go follow your heart your brain’s stupid
Pay close attention to your feelings
They will let you know
Go follow your heart your brain’s stupid
You were put here for a reason
Your heart’s wiser than your brain
Let your feelings pave the way
Let your heart lead the way
You’ll be fine”

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