GET IT DONE! Motivation Affirmations While You SLEEP, End Procrastination. Mind Power, Mental Wealth

These powerful motivation affirmations will change your mind set into one of success, prosperity, and abundance. End procrastination – listen while you sleep to this motivation meditation video and program your subconscious mind power to do anything. GET IT DONE! Motivation Affirmations While You SLEEP – End Procrastination, Mind Power, Mental Wealth.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 60 Affirmations:
I dream big, then work to obtain my dream.
I can reach amazing heights.
I stay focused and never give up.
Today I do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.
I desire success.
I imagine what I want, believe it, then achieve it.
I don’t care what others think.
I don’t look back, only forward.
I associate with other high achievers.
I focus on what I want until I get it.
Failure is a temporary condition.
I am proud of what I achieve.
I snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
I have the courage to be who I want.
I am happy now.
My dreams require determination, self-discipline, dedication, and effort.
I don’t give up, even when others do. That is the key to success.
If I persist, I win.
I take calculated risks, and then I act.
I don’t wait for big things to happen – I make them happen.
I constantly exceed my self-imposed limits.
My difficulties make me stronger.
My success is reliant on not giving up.
I don’t fear making mistakes.
I accept responsibility for my life.
I seize each day, and then I live it.
I never make excuses, I never pity myself.
I know what I want from life, and I pursue it.
My life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.
When I take action, I win.
There are no limits.
I go out and make my dreams happen.
I don’t waste my time living someone else’s life.
I don’t wait for tomorrow to be happy.
I have the courage to follow my heart.
I refuse to be discouraged by my defeats.
I have within me the strength, the patience, and the will to achieve my dreams.
I interact with people who encourage my dreams.
I am what I think I am.
I hold myself responsible for a higher standard.
I create my future.
I take responsibility for who I am.
I don’t wait to see what will happen, I make things happen.
I believe in my dreams.
Being dead last is greater than those who did not finish.
When others give up, I persist, and I win.
Life’s challenges help me discover who I am.
Discipline determines destiny.
I decide who I want to be.
Rewards go to those people who get things done.
I avoid small people who belittle my dreams.
I believe in myself, and the power to change my fate.
I never give up on what I really want.
I consistently move toward my goals.
I don’t simply dream of success, I make it happen.
Being defeated is a temporary condition.
I don’t let others define me.
I embrace my fears, they make me stronger.
My continuous effort unlocks my potential.
The only person who can stop me is me.

Music licensed from Chris Collins, indiemusicbox dot com.

GET IT DONE! Motivation Affirmations While You SLEEP – End Procrastination, Mind Power, Mental Wealth.

Thank you for watching Growing Forever.

Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to sleep affirmations, sleep meditation music, binaural beats, or guided sleep relaxations. These affirmations are not medical advice.

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