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Originally composed meditation music to align you instantly with the ‘happiness frequency’. This powerful serotonin release music will help you to feel lighter, happier and calmer, eradicating all negativity. Not only will your dopamine and serotonin levels increase, but the peaceful binaural beats will relax and soothe you. Listen now, let go of all your worries, and awaken the joy within you.


With love,
Jess @ Live The Life You Love ❤️️

Copyrighted Music belonging to Live The Life You Love. www.ilivethelifeilove.com

Affirmation and Appreciation

Ask any manifestation coach to list the secrets of their success and one thing you’re sure to hear is the word “appreciation.” But why? When you’re seeking, searching, and digging for gold, what’s the point of distracting yourself with your present life?

Affirmation Or Just Wishing?

“Affirmations,” he said. “That’s just wishing. I have real needs. Now!” This was a genuine comment from a live person.

Affirmations and the Long Tail

Affirmations are generally thought of as positive statements that people make up to keep their minds focused on creating a desired change in their life. Yet the truth of the matter is that your entire “inside conversation” throughout the day forms the basis of one big affirmation that doesn’t quit. Included in that perpetual affirmation are things you speak out loud to others and vague feelings that you don’t even stop to name or consciously recognize. All these elements put together with the inner dialog you may consciously be aware of form what we’ll refer to today as “the long tail.”

My Appreciation of the Classic Tao De Jing, by Stephen Mitchell

The Way explained in Stephen Mitchell’s Tao De Jing is a beautiful way to view what is, and makes perfect sense. In our modern world we have a tendency to take life so seriously that we have trouble realizing that it is only a game. Winning or losing really does not matter. Lao Tzu lightens the load for all of us…

Affirmations: Four Tweaks to Make Your Affirmations More Effective

Affirmations: A way to focus your mind on creating what you want. Based on the language that continually runs through your mind, you are creating your life all the time. What a difference it could make, though, if you were able to stay focused on creating what you want! Let’s explore a few tweaks you can make in your internal conversation to more reliably bring that about.

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