Healing Dolphin Sounds ❤️ Raise Your Vibration NOW!

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These deeply healing dolphin sounds will raise your vibration IN SECONDS. A symbol of peace and harmony, as well as resurrection, dolphins bring us the gift of calm and a tranquillity that is as eternal as the oceans. Dolphin music cleanses and rebalances our chakras, returning our energy system back to a place of equilibrium and power. As these beautiful dolphin sounds raise your vibration, you will access new, higher realms of consciousness, allowing you to transform your life for the better. Very powerful!! Let me know in the comments below what wonderful changes this dolphin music brings you!

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Live The Life You Love ❤️️

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Positive Affirmation – 3 Tips For Better Results

If you’ve gotten into the habit of creating positive affirmation statements to support your desired results in life, you’re probably noticing some changes already. Yet sometimes at first the desired results come in fits and spurts. Something great will happen, and then things will taper off for a bit. It can get frustrating. Fortunately, there’s usually something else to tweak. Try these 3 tips for intermediate affirmers.

If You Can’t Be With the One You Love – Love the One You’re With

I love that song about if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Now, I know it’s really about cheating on your loved ones, and I truly disagree with that, but I don’t ever think of the meaning of the lyrics when I hear it. I like the upbeat tempo and the tune. As they used to say on “American Bandstand,” it has a good beat and you can dance to it! But if I want to think about the lyrics in a positive way, I can relate this very easily to loving myself. Even when the ME that I am is not the ME that I hope to become.

Be Thankful, Happy and Grateful

Be thankful for your life and each day in it. Have an open heart and fill it with feelings of gratefulness. Live life with gratitude and you will truly be blessed!

How to Stop Being Defensive

Being defensive is a hard nut to crack only if you allow it to be. No matter the how good your success, looks, or the love you share together, something must be done before it gets too late, to do anything. Here are 12 key steps to overcoming being defensive.

Affirmative Storytelling – Weaving The Tale of Success

By now everyone has an idea of what affirmations are and what story is all about, you’ve told the story of how your day went, how the job search was, how the conversation with the person you had a tiff went or how the traffic on the way to or from work was. You may have noticed that as you shared the story you tended to get more and more riled about whatever it was, even as you shared the incident you didn’t feel relief or a lightening of your feelings and energy, if anything you felt even more frustrated that when the event actually happened, in other words the telling of the story made it worse.

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