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The Law Of Attraction is real, and it works. But first…you must monitor your energy.

The Power of Affirmations

Our belief system underpins everything we do in life. Self-limiting beliefs are ones that prevent us from doing things. For example “I am not a good cook” is a belief that will prevent someone from cooking a healthy nutritious meal; this in turn may lead to the consumption of processed and convenience food leading to health problems. How did they get this belief in the first place – perhaps some meals did not turn out as expected – perhaps someone did not show any appreciation for the effort put into preparing a meal – perhaps the recipe was unclear? There could be thousands of reasons but none of them mean that that you cannot cook. What has happened here is that the brain will look for evidence to support your beliefs.

Do Affirmations REALLY Work?

Why most affirmations simply don’t work, and how to fix that. Many successful people credit the use of affirmations for their success.

The Power Of Affirmations

If you want to change your life for positive, the easiest and a very effective strategy is to make use of positive affirmations.

Free Affirmations – 7 Great Tips on Using Your Free Affirmations

Affirmations are a simple and effective way to influence your subconscious mind. It is quite easy for you to search the Internet to find tones of free affirmations in various categories. This article is going to focus on ways to increase their power!

Power Affirmations – How to Write Your Own Power Affirmations

Searching through affirmations can be a time consuming task, and most people find it hard to find ones they are happy with. Truthfully, it is extremely easy to write your own power affirmations. It consists of 3 simple rules…

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