I AM WEALTHY – Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Money, Mind Power

YOU ARE WEALTHY!! These powerful wealth affirmations will change your mind set into one of prosperity and abundance. Listen to this abundance affirmation video and program your subconscious mind power to attract wealth, good fortune, money, and the law of attraction. I AM WEALTHY – Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Money, Mind Power.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 50 Affirmations:
I radiate prosperity.
I deserve success and abundance.
I now create my wonderful, ideal life.
It is so easy for me to open to prosperity.
I am relaxing into greater abundance.
I attract prosperity with each thought I think.
I am now accumulating vast amounts of wealth.
People enjoy paying me for what I enjoy doing the most.
Abundance is always within reach.
I now receive large sums of money, just for being me.
I banish the past and now live in the wealthy now.
Thank you universe for my great abundance.
I am passionate about building wealth.
I manage my money effectively, and with precision.
Money flows to me easily, frequently, and abundantly.
I spend money wisely.
I am now receptive to unexpected gifts of wealth.
My mind is a powerful magnet for profitable ideas.
Money is positive energy that takes care of my worldly needs and desires.
I deserve to be wealthy, prosperous and affluent.
I am a money magnet.
Every day my life is filled with wonderful abundance.
I accept and embrace wealth in my life.
Great wealth is flowing to me now.
Every person is a golden link in the chain of my abundance.
I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.
Abundance flows to me.
Every dollar I spend circulates, and comes back to me multiplied.
I am healthy and wealthy.
I have a financially stable future for my family and myself.
I release all negative beliefs about money and invite wealth into my life.
I am in a constant state of fulfillment.
I feel wealthy and successful.
Abundance and prosperity are my birthright.
I dissolve all false messages around creating wealth.
I attract prosperity.
All resistance to prosperity dissolves away.
I am abundant and wealthy now.
I release all negative energy about money.
I will always be prosperous.
I am wide awake to my abundance.
I use money to make the world a better place.
I boldly seize opportunities.
Each day is filled with endless expressions of abundance.
I am free to accumulate wealth.
I am successful in everything I do.
I am only positive towards abundance.
Each year, my money increases faster than I spend it.
Abundance within me, abundance around me.
I respect my abilities, and always work to my wealthy potential.

Music licensed from Chris Collins, indiemusicbox dot com.

I AM WEALTHY – Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Money, Mind Power.

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My Thoughts On Money

The most powerful thing we can do is affirm well being and wealth to ourselves, before and while having it. Note, I put well being before wealth.

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