If You Think They Are Holding You Back: WATCH THIS (Toxic Family and Friends)

If You Think They Are Holding You Back: WATCH THIS (Toxic Family and Friends)

What did you learn from this story of the boy and his mentor? How do you deal with toxic family or friends?

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Speakers: Tyrone Stokes (for Fearless Soul)

Original story by Fearless Soul

““No one can drag you down without your consent”

“They might be saying a lot of things, that might not be a great way to support you. But it is still YOU who decides how YOU feel about the situation.”

“You can be angered by their words, or choose a different meaning. You can be angered by their lack of parenting ability, or choose to be compassionate, knowing they can only parent at the current level they are capable of. Knowing if they knew better, they’d do better.”

“They might be thinking some things, or maybe they aren’t – maybe you are overthinking what they might be thinking, and in your overthinking, you are creating negative energy that otherwise would not be there.”

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