It happens once or twice a year…

It’s a glitch in the matrix
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EmBRACES Belief Entrainment

EmBraces Belief Entrainment – the key for changing your core beliefs. A technologically advanced method for changing your beliefs and achieving abundance in all sections of life – from health to wealth and from relationships to personal prosperity.

Writing As Therapy – Getting It Down Means Getting It Out

The things that make us miserable are usually mainly in our own heads. To get it out of there into the open and deal with it, I have discovered that writing helps me do just that. Here’s how it did just that for me.

Assessing and Accepting Your ‘It’ Factor

The meeting was about to begin. Standing at the front of the room was a sharp-dressed man who oozed confidence and enthusiasm. Having shown us how to make a small fortune by enrolling just eight people in a home business venture, we could become financially secure.

Affirmations Are a Powerful Way to Lead You to Success

Affirmations are word tools that when used in the positive and repeated daily can have a remarkable impact on moving your towards your goals. Creating your own personal affirmation list and dedicating yourself to their repetition is simple and does not take much time. This article will provide tips and direction in using affirmations effectively.

Keep Your Mind Focused in 2013

A new year is upon us and as we decide which resolutions to stick with, consider one very important challenge that we call face: keeping our mind focused on what matters. There are many different things in life that constantly pull are attention away. Or job, our families, friends, an unexpected events all command a varying degree of priority.

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