Law of Attraction Motivation – THIS VIDEO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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This Law of Attraction motivation video is extremely powerful. Listen to it and you will possess the knowledge to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Firstly explaining the simple principle of Law of Attraction, this video will guide you through the mental processes you need to attract what you most desire in your life.

You do not need to actively listen for change to take place – your subconscious mind will hear everything that it needs to hear and shifts will happen so that you can receive all the abundance you deserve.

It is done.

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Positive Affirmations For a More Confident You

Positive affirmation has been a practice that has been going round since a very long time ago and now you can be a more confident person with the benefits of this method. It is not classified as a technology, although the old ideals behind this method has spawned many a scientific arena and machinery (some of note include the ever famous Dream Machine). The root of this method can be tracked back to methods that have been compared to things like creative visualisation and gratitude, which use the same methods of message and visual bombardment to shape the mind into a positive attitude and get rid of all the bad associations that the subconscious might be keeping; affecting your behaviour and how you react to experiential situations.

Spring 2009 – Creating Your Own “Yellow Brick Road” to New Opportunities

Regardless of where you live, spring heralds the promise of new growth, balmy breezes of fresh air, new beginnings and renewed hope. This spring also represents the the first decade of the new millennium, holding the promise of the turning tide of refreshingly needed change: amended economics, new health care initiatives and drastically modified perspectives of our place in the world…As we look for new ways of living among other peoples of this planet, it’s important to get to really know ourselves, to know who we really are, who we really want to become and what we need to do in order to allow our real selves to unfold.

Positive Affirmations – You Can Do it !

I am really not a fanatic about talking to myself. In fact, some people might say that this type of behavior is best reserved for the mentally ill. I have got a few favorites though, some that have really put new life and energy energy in me.

A Law of Mind Science – Whatever You Add to “I AM” Is What You Become!

In the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness, there is no healing because there is no sickness! Say to yourself aloud, “I AM the very self-awareness of HEALTH.” This affirmation is not only healing, it is better than healing. It is recognition of your “I AM-ness.” We can say the same thing for happiness, for love, for success, and for prosperity.

Positive Affirmation For Beginners – 5 Tips

What’s in a word? As it turns out, quite a lot. Especially when that word, or group of words, is spoken firmly — with conviction. That’s a good working definition of an affirmation: a word or group of words spoken firmly or with conviction. If you’d like to put language to work for you in your life (after all, what could be easier?), then these beginners’ tips could be right up your alley.

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