LET GO – BREAK the CHAINS of the PAST With Powerful Sleep Affirmations! Law of Attraction (432Hz)

LET GO – BREAK the CHAINS of the PAST With Powerful Sleep Affirmations! Law of Attraction (432Hz Solfeggio). Release the past !! Listen while you sleep to this mind power affirmation video and allow your subconscious mind power to attract wealth, abundance, the law of attraction, and clarity.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 75 Affirmations:
I liberate my mind and body from the past. I am free.
I release what holds me back, I am free to move ahead.
It feels good to let go.
I no longer wait for others to change.
Releasing the past allows me to grow.
I choose to face my fear, acknowledge it, and let it go.
I am at peace with my past.
I am free from worry and destructive energy.
I now release all doubts and fears.
I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my growth.
Doubt, shame, and guilt are no longer a part of my life.
I release all of the tension that is inside me.
Letting go of negative people is easy for me.
I no longer need the approval of others.
Success and abundance flow to me when I relax and let go.
I forgive those who have caused me pain.
I am breaking free from my past.
I welcome health and happiness.
I easily forgive others, and I am easily forgiven.
Making peace with my past is the key to a bright future.
Letting go and moving on makes me happy.
I allow the energy of anger to leave my body.
I am free from my past.
Forgiving myself and others sets me free.
I let go of all my fears and worries.
The past has no power over me.
I live joyfully in the here and now.
I forgive myself, and release my worries to the universe.
I let go of past relationships, and I grow.
I choose to forgive all others in my life, and they forgive me.
I no longer dwell on the regretful moments from my past.
I am on the path to a brighter future.
I release the noise and chaos in my mind.
I am able to let go of anything I do not need.
I have the power to break free from my past, and create a better life.
I release all the ways I am holding anger in my body.
I lovingly let go of the past, and welcome the new and exciting now.
I choose to forgive myself and others.
I completely release the past, and live in the now.
I deserve a peaceful and loving life.
I no longer need possessions to feel fulfilled.
I choose to live a simple life.
I forgive others as I forgive myself.
I am at peace with myself, and I am ready to move forward.
I have the courage to heal and become whole again.
As I forgive myself, I grow stronger and better.
I love myself for who I am.
I am now free to move forward in my life.
I release what no longer serves me.
When I let go, the solutions I need present themselves to me.
I go with the flow that life brings me.
I am comforted, relaxed, and reassured.
I lovingly forgive, and let go of the past.
I easily release the clutter in my life.
I choose to let go of everything that no longer serves me.
I abandon old habits and choose new, positive ones.
I decide to let go of the past.
I let go of negative experiences.
I release the past and I embrace the present.
I let go of the need to be perfect.
I am ready to move forward with my life.
I take a deep breath, and exhale all stress.
I let go of anger and resentment.
I release all fears of not being perfect.
Forgiving others makes me feel incredibly free.
I accept my past, and move forward.
My tension is melting away.
Forgiveness gives me back my freedom.
I let go of all expectations, I am free to live my life.
I move forward by letting go of the past.
My thoughts are calm.
I release past decisions, and look ahead to an amazing future.
I release feelings of sadness.
I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I grow into a better person.
I live my life without restraints.

Music licensed from Chris Collins, indiemusicbox dot com.

LET GO – BREAK the CHAINS of the PAST With Powerful Sleep Affirmations! Law of Attraction (432Hz Solfeggio).

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Listening to 432Hz Solfeggio music resonates inside your body, releases emotional blockages, and expands consciousness. 432Hz Solfeggio music allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe around us in a more intuitive way.

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