MANIFEST MIRACLES With Gratitude Affirmations, Program Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth & Abundance

MANIFEST Miracles With Gratitude Affirmations While You Sleep. Program Your Mind for Wealth & Prosperity. These powerful gratitude affirmations will allow you to manifest and change your mind set into one of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Listen while you sleep to this gratitude affirmation video and unleash your subconscious mind power. MANIFEST MIRACLES With Gratitude Affirmations – Program Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth & Abundance.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 60 Affirmations:
I accept all gifts graciously and with deep gratitude.
I am grateful for the love I am receiving at this moment.
I am grateful for the expanding journey that unfolds before me.
I experience gratitude for everything I have in my life.
I always receive exactly what I ask for and appreciate.
I am grateful for excellent health and prosperity.
My life is filled with an abundance of goodness.
All challenges are an opportunity for growth, and I am thankful for the chance to evolve.
I am so grateful for supportive friends and a loving family.
I appreciate everything I have in my life, and always keep the door open for more.
The universe supports me, and all that I desire.
I am grateful for my wonderful life.
I am grateful for all the technology that makes my life easier.
I see the beauty in nature that surrounds me.
I feel gratitude for everything.
I am thankful for the simple things in life.
I am grateful for my wonderful health.
I am eternally grateful for the love I am capable of giving, and for the love I have yet to receive.
Whatever has happened, and whatever does happen, I am grateful.
I am grateful for those who desire to help me.
I am grateful for what I have, and excited for what has yet to come.
My gratitude evolves and grows.
I am grateful.
It is always possible to be thankful.
I welcome all of the ways the universe wants to bless me.
If I approach a situation with gratitude, I will be held in the arms of abundance.
I choose to see life through the eyes of appreciation.
My thanksgiving is perpetual; it survives every obstacle because I am willing to keep it alive.
The feeling of gratefulness expands my perspective and opens me up to new ways of living.
I am grateful now, and that keeps the door open for more blessings.
I’m willing to see beauty where others see nothing.
I am thankful for learning and growing.
The more I pay attention to what is good right now, the better life gets.
I bring a grateful spirit to each step and action I take.
I choose to be thankful for the light of this new morning, and for renewed energy and strength to be who I know I can be.
I appreciate everything in my life.
I have a grateful heart.
I accept and enjoy all things in my life.
I am thankful for what I have now.
My gratitude is a magnet for the manifestation of all that I want.
I have an attitude of gratitude.
My thoughts are focused on positivity and thankfulness.
I am grateful, and this attracts abundance into my life.
I take time to be grateful for the simple things in life.
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for all my material possessions.
I am thankful for simply being alive.
My life is full of many things to be grateful for.
Each morning, I give thanks for another day of life.
I am grateful for all the positive things that are yet to come.
An attitude of gratitude comes naturally to me.
My mind is focused on thankfulness.
Gratitude is something I feel all the time.
Thankfulness, appreciation, and sincere gratitude are all important parts of who I am.
I find it easy to maintain an attitude of gratitude, even in difficult situations.
I always appreciates whatever life brings my way.
I take time each day to feel sincere gratitude.
An attitude of gratitude is the key to manifesting a better life for myself.
I am thankful for each day of my life.
I am beginning to feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life.

Music licensed from Chris Collins, indiemusicbox dot com.

MANIFEST MIRACLES With Gratitude Affirmations – Program Your Subconscious Mind for Wealth & Abundance.

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Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to sleep affirmations, sleep meditation music, binaural beats, or guided sleep relaxations. These affirmations are not medical advice.

Message From the Universe: You Are Just a Moment Away From Ultimate Success

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Message From the Universe: You Are ONE of a Kind

It is hard to have others see what you see, feel what you feel and have you predict your imminent future. Not many have that capability and this is why others can’t put themselves at your level. Yes, it is hard as you are alone in this journey and you will have to motivate yourself to continue pushing forward. However, I can guarantee you one thing: Once you get to your destination, people will look at you with different pair of eyes, have some high level of respect for you or tremendous amount of jealousy. Whatever the outcome may be, you are still coming out a winner.

To Thine Own Self Be True

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. – Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3 Laertes receives a great deal of advice from his father before leaving. This includes material on fiscal responsibility, the wisdom of not speaking without first giving thought to what will be said, the difference between modesty and cowardice, and the importance of friendship.

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Message From the Universe: Your Journey in Life

As many have said it before and will most probably say it in the future, life is a journey to be lived to the best of your ability and never live it with any regrets. Most feel like they’ve put their life on hold just until the right moment arrives, or the right job, or whatever else. Mindfulness should be practiced everyday and its not about how you will live your life when you retire, but live it in the moment. Never dismiss time with family because of work or whatever else. Start living today.

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