Morning Affirmations for Confidence, Success, Abundance, Gratitude | Powerful “You Are” “I Am”

Welcome to an affirmation experiment. Most affirmation recordings use “I am” statements. But some people prefer “you are” statements. I have combined them before, but never in the way I’m about to do now. In a moment I will begin reciting a series of “you are” affirmations. In the space that follows I want you to restate them as an “I am” affirmation. For instance, if I say “you are successful,” you respond with “I am successful.”

I love the idea of combining these two different perspectives. “You are” statements are valuable because many people don’t get the encouragement they need from family, friends, teachers, and more. It’s reassuring to imagine these words being spoken by a parent, grandparent, mentor, your higher self, or even a higher power.

“I am” statements are valuable because you take ownership of the quality you want to embody. You own it. So I really believe this combination, which combines both perspectives, can be powerful. Just remember, I’ll recite “you are” statements, you respond with “I am” versions of the same statements.

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Written and read by Bob Baker (c) 2020
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Audio editing: Drew Arigadas
Video editing: Bob Baker

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