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Start your day with these Morning I AM Affirmations, inspired by Louise Hay. Take the 21 Day Challenge and listen to these Power Thoughts every day. Louise Hay was a pioneer in the self-help and personal development movement. She emphasized the power of mindset and was a proponent of using affirmations, meditation, and positive self-talk to overcome pretty much every challenge and reach any goal.

This recording features 32 positive affirmations in 7 minutes — inspired by the late, great Louise Hay. Listen to these powerful statements while you sit, walk, jog, drive, work out, or clean the house.

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I met a friend of mine a couple of days ago. I don’t remember exactly how we got to it, but, before you know it, we were talking about self improvement. More precisely, we were talking about affirmations.

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There are many ways to inspire, support, and invest in yourself. One of these is to fill your life with positive, supportive stimulation, and surround yourself with materials that affect your conscious as well as your sub-conscious. Materials which are short, simple statements of intention, are generally thought of as ‘affirmations.’

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