Morning Mantra Meditation | Attract Money & Abundance in expected and unexpected ways

Welcome to this morning mantra meditation to help you attract more money, wealth, and prosperity into your life. This is the 5th in a series of new morning mantra recordings. Many affirmations that focus on prosperity, including mine, speak to a broad definition of the word “abundance.”

However, with this morning mantra meditation, the primary focus is on attracting actual money and tangible finances. Instead of giving you a long list of abundance affirmations to repeat, we will focus on one powerful centering thought. Today’s mantra is: Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

As you repeat the mantra, think about and visualize the many ways money can come to you. The expected ways include things you’ve done to make money in the past, ways that money currently comes to you, and obvious things you could do to generate income in the near future.

But also think about the unexpected ways. Open your mind to the possibilities. Be playful and creative in your thinking. This isn’t the time to think about lack or what’s missing. The whole purpose of this mantra meditation is to train your mind to notice and seek out financial opportunities.

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Written and read by Bob Baker (c) 2020
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Audio editing: Drew Arigadas
Video editing: Emil Christopher

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Visualization Is Hazardous

Have you ever visualized the perfect day and it didn’t happen the way you visualized? It could have been a birthday, or date with a friend, the selling of a home, or a vacation day. Maybe you visualized warm and sunny and instead it was dark and rainy. Maybe the person you wanted to call didn’t, the buyer decided to not buy your house, or nothing at all happened the way you visualized it to be.

The Best Affirmations

We all talk to ourselves constantly. Finding ways to change negative self talk into a more positive dialogue can bring about major improvements in the different areas of our lives. Let’s look at the best affirmations to have.

Positive Daily Affirmations for Women

For today’s woman, the right set of positive daily affirmations can affect every aspect of their lives. While women are capable of doing anything they want to in life, it is often necessary for a woman to give her own self-esteem a bit of a boost. That is why it is important for a woman to know the best way to create her positive daily affirmations to best suit her needs.

Tapping When You Can’t Get Past What You Don’t Want

Forget the vision board filled with mansions, positive self-talk of feeling beautiful and thin, and envisioning a magnificent, limitless life. Sometimes we are so far deep in a hole that just seeing daylight would feel like a miracle. Tapping doesn’t change the situation, but it will change the way you feel about it. Once the negative charge is gone, and you find peace with the present moment, you’ll be able to make room to allow what you do want into your life.

The Process of Affirmations and the Power Behind Your Thoughts

It seems that not many people recognize the power behind an affirmation. In leading a meditation group the other night, I offered an affirmaion of prosperity, “I am prosperous” and, in explaining the process, one individual had to get up and leave the room. His reason for leaving was discomfort, on the left side of his body, which tells me that he was dealing with some sort of limitation from a female. Perhaps, in the past, he was limited in his acceptance of prosperity. Can we rid ourselves of limitations? Definitely, the answer is yes! The first step is realize that limitations imposed upon us are only temporary once we unleash them. Like a garden where weeds must be uprooted before the seeds of lovely plants can be implanted, we release the old and open our minds to the new. Out with the old and in with the new. Sound easy? Well, it is! You might ask, “Do I have to analyze all this?” No, you do not have to know the who, what, why, where, or how. You just pull the weeds out.

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