Positive Affirmations (LOA) – Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)

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Near 8hrs of positive affirmations to give you a Law of Attraction boost while you sleep.

Part of the ‘Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these affirmations for positive thinking will reprogram your subconscious mind, creating new neural pathways of positivity which transform the way you think, how you feel and, in turn, create abundance in every area of your life.

Change your thinking so that you AUTOMATICALLY become a Law of Attraction miracle magnet!

Enjoy and please let me know how you find these LOA positivity affirmations in the comments below!

With love,
Jess @ Live The Life You Love ❤️️

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Music: Adrift Volume 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. https://www.christopherlloydclarke.com. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Go Beyond Affirmations and Visualizations – Feel the Energy Structure Within Your Imagination

A young child has a vivid imagination. Their 5 senses are heightened and their imagination can perform at a higher level than an adult. Why do adults lose their imagination, why do they think that dreaming is only for losers? The imagination is the whole creative area that has been shut down in the human condition – it has been shut down within you since childhood. You’ve been taught to think logical and to be analytical.

Affirmations – A Series – Part 1

A great method of working with the subconscious is by making use of affirmations because by repeating a particular phrase over and over again, you can effectively change your beliefs about yourself; and, as we all know, our results flow from our expectations and beliefs. A simple illustration of the process was provided by the great Muhammed Ali who used a particular affirmation over and over again until he became famous the world-over for saying it.

How to Make Positive Affirmations Work in Your Life

Positive affirmations work. Period. They change lives. The displace negativity. They remove limiting beliefs. They open us to possibilities, change the way we view ourselves and create a happier, more forward thinking outlook. They’re extremely powerful and their accessible to everyone.

Developing a Positive Attitude With Affirmations – An Approach That Works!

A positive attitude doesn’t stem from blind luck. It isn’t the result of getting a discount on your morning coffee or a smile from a stranger, either. A real positive outlook on life comes from within. So doesn’t it make sense to focus on what’s happening on the inside to develop one?

Affirmation Jingles – A Catchier Form of Productive Self-Talk

Affirmation jingles are short, breezy, catchy tunes supported with affirmative lyrics. The use of music- a powerful universal language all of its own- makes this form of affirmation “stickier”. It stays with us and we find ourselves using it even when we don’t consciously realize it. Instead of battling the subconscious mind with wholly conscious self-talk, affirmation jingles make it possible to deal with our negativity on its own level, directly confronting it with a direct, powerful message.

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