Powerful Creative Thinking Affirmations, Visualization, Inspiration, Law of Attraction, Focus

Powerful Creative Thinking Affirmations, Visualization, Inspiration, Law of Attraction, Focus, Study Aid. You can create anything!! These powerful creative thinking affirmations will change your mind set into one of problem solving, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Listen while you sleep to this affirmation / meditation video and program your subconscious mind power for creative problem solving.

These affirmations were recorded exclusively for the Growing Forever YouTube Channel. For best results, listen daily for at least 30 days.

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The First 75 Affirmations:
An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me.
Using my imagination is second nature.
I find innovative solutions to any problem.
My creativity is boundless.
I easily come up with new and interesting ideas.
I have a lively imagination.
My creative energy is limitless.
I have the will to take advantage of my talents.
I have a powerful imagination.
New and original ideas come to me freely and easily.
I live in expanding waves of love and creativity.
Original ideas always come to me.
My imagination is free.
I have endless creativity.
I love to express myself creatively.
I have an abundance of creative energy.
My ingenuity inspires others.
I am always open to new thoughts and ideas.
I am brilliant and successful.
I am a creative person.
I am an innovative thinker.
Being creative makes me feel so alive.
I am a creative problem solver.
Brilliant ideas come to me all the time.
I am full of inspiration and creativity.
Creative energy constantly flows through me.
I love the freedom that creative thinking gives me.
I am full of creative energy.
I express my unique creativity in everything I do.
I am inventive and resourceful.
Today, I am filled with infinite, creative energy.
I am highly imaginative.
Every creative thought I express provides me with great joy.
I always develop new ways to do things.
Creative ideas easily flow from my mind.
I am talented with great creativity and intelligence.
Creativity comes easily to me.
I attract brilliant ideas.
I am creative in everything I do.
I possess an abundance of creativity and energy.
New thinking comes easy to me.
New ideas are always coming to me.
I am a magnet for innovative ideas.
Being positive improves my creativity.
My ideas are refreshing and new.
I have a fantastic imagination.
I can always count on my imagination for inspirational ideas.
Every idea I create is worth considering.
My mind is open to creative ideas.
My imagination is always active.
Creativity flows through every cell of my body.
I practice new thinking at all times.
I am incredibly creative and inspired.
Being creative is one of my great joys in life.
Genius solutions come to me daily.
Everything I create is inventive and unique.
Today, I let my creativity flow.
I can see every situation from various perspectives.
Every day, I become more creative and inventive.
I easily create new ideas.
I am always tapped into my creative energy.
The creative powers of the Universe are manifesting through me.
I am the creator of my life.
I have an adventurous, imaginative mind.
I have the courage to try new things.
Great new ideas come to me every day.
There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities.
My wellspring of creativity runs deep.
My imagination always gives me new inspirational ideas.
I have endless creative potential.
I am a visionary.
It is easy do things in a better and different way.
I find creative solutions to problems every day.
I always let my imagination float to new heights.
My creativity flows freely.

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Powerful Creative Thinking Affirmations, Visualization, Inspiration, Law of Attraction, Focus.

Force and Direction for a Positive Outlook on Life

Finally, the greatest force and direction in life lies within your body and soul. You are the one who can be happy or sad, spirited or distressed. Just as your decision to be angry at the world enables it to be angry with you, you have the ability to adjust. Sure, the dog pooped on the floor, you have no milk for cereal or coffee to brew. The house is a mess and your favorite shirt has just been scorched by a much-too-hot of iron. You can haul in doom and gloom, stomp and roar, and berate yourself and the world or you can refocus and reassess and start with a fresher outlook for the day.

Using Affirmations to Release the Juggernaut Within

I love the word “juggernaut.” It sounds funny and intimidating, which I find to be qualities that don’t always exist simultaneously. One definition of the word from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary reads, “A massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path.” In the case of this definition, I’m also reminded of The Unstoppable Juggernaut from the X-Men comics. However, in this article I’d like to examine the type of juggernaut it is possible to become through personal development and the regular use of affirmations.

Knock the Chip Off

When we hold on to the wrong things of our past we fail to develop progress or make the necessary changes relevant to our future. Excuses hold us back and limit our options. It is the plank that we need to remove from our own eyes. Remember that life develops what it demands, the toughest path creates the strongest warrior. Pray not for a lighter load, but for stronger shoulders. You cannot advance if you have not been through something or somewhere. The issues of our past will stand as a testimony to our future.

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Orchestrated for Coordinated Efforts

Just as I have the right to be me, so others have equal right to be themselves. I cannot force, coerce, beg, or cajole to get my way, to have things completed to my liking. There must be a give and take, an orchestrated interaction and connectedness that also allow freedom and options, personal preferences and alternatives. I believe that by permitting these to flourish, far more powerful accomplishments and achievements are at hand.

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