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Can Making Affirmations Really Change Your Life?

Is it possible for you to take charge of your individual life experience and change your personal environment, at least in part, through the use of repetitive positive affirmations? There is plenty of evidence to support the power of affirmations, from getting a parking spot or a new job to attracting a soul mate and cultivating inner peace. But, before we attempt to improve the conditions of our life through a “mental focus” on the changes we desire, we might want to take a personal “reality check” to make sure that we believe that thought, our thought, has creative power.

Affirmations, Guilt, and Great Excuses

Did you ever find yourself getting sucked right into a great excuse for not doing something you “know” you really want to do? If so, you’re not alone. A few years ago, a hundred or so of my very closest friends let me in on some of their most personal secrets — their favorite sabotage strategies! Here’s the thing. They knew exactly what they were doing. Yet they did it anyway. You probably do the same thing. And today I’m here to tell you — it’s not your fault!

The Accidental Affirmation

Living things vibrate. The quality and rate of the vibration may vary, but the fact of the vibration is sure. Your language and thoughts vibrate, too. When your language and thoughts match the vibration of what you want to create in life, those things can be expected to arrive. When you dwell on those things that frustrate and disappoint you, that “dwelling” is bringing you into alignment with their vibration instead. It becomes an “accidental affirmation.”

Simple Words Create Powerful Beliefs – Just How Harmful Can Some Words Be?

Positive affirmations can benefit your life, but negative words and affirmations can create unbelievable damage and should be removed from your life if possible. Could you imagine someone telling you that if you don’t do something, you’re going to suffer a horrible punishment and possibly death, because you chose to ignore their message? Can simple words create powerful beliefs, isn’t this what some religious doctorines create? Even the media does it, think about it the next time you turn your television on or read the newspaper. You seem to believe something because someone told you that’s how it is and when you go to question them, they simply repeat the simple statement, that’s how is.

God’s Dictionary – Belonging

Belonging. Be- = be + langian = along with. Belonging is one half of the quintessential human dilemma. The other half is individuation. Much of our lives, we swing back and forth between these two extremes of survival needs. Interestingly, the roots of the word along tell us something about belonging. They mean both from and against. We want it, and are conflicted about it at the same time. Sound familiar?

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