Relaxing Music for Stress Relief ❤️️ Calming Meditation Music ❤️️

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Incredibly soothing, this relaxing music for stress relief was composed to help you release all anxiety and stress from your body and mind.

Serene and uplifting, this calming meditation music is perfect for those in need of deep healing music, for powerful stress relief or to help send you into a deep sleep.

Made with love,
Jess @ Life The life You Love ❤️️

7 Rules For Practicing Affirmations Effectively

How do we use affirmations? What is the correct way of doing affirmations? To ensure that your self affirmations are effective, there are certain ground rules that should be followed. Increase your chances of having effective affirmations by knowing the right way to practice affirmations.

How and Why Do Positive Affirmations Work?

By reprogramming your conscious mind from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, you can create the kind of life you want. You are every bit of what you think.

Affirmations – The Top One

Affirmations that are not fully believed do not work. They can even do more harm than good. The simple affirmation revealed in this article will empower you to live your life at cause and with the creative abundance you seek. And this affirmation is only one little word.

The New Revolution

I have never been a social service person or somebody who thinks too much about doing good or wonderful about the people. You can call me selfish or anything if you will, but hey, at least I am frank enough to admit it!

Benefits of the Misunderstood Affirmation

Affirmations get a bad rap by many in the areas of personal growth and development, and at the same time by others are touted as the magic to changing your life. There are those who tell you that using affirmations is THE way to changing your thinking thus changing your life, and others who say they are a useless waste of time.

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