Short Guided Meditation for Gratitude | 5 Important People in 7 Minutes

This Short Guided Meditation for Gratitude allows you to be thankful for five important people in your life in just seven minutes. File under: Guided Meditation for Gratitude, Meditation for Gratitude, short meditation, Gratitude Meditation, gratitude, gratitude practice, Important People, gratitude affirmations, guided meditation on gratitude, attitude of gratitude, guided morning meditation, gratitude song, gratitude video, gratitude music.

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Written and read by Bob Baker. The background music is “Float (Positive Morning Meditation Music)” written and recorded by Bob Baker (c) 2018. All rights reserved. You can purchase this and other songs at

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Affirm Your Confidence

If we could hear the thoughts or internal conversations we all have going on in our heads, the noise levels would be off the scale. Psychologists believe we have between 60,000-70,000 thoughts a day and about 80% are negative. This powerful negative self-scripting may have developed out of warnings from our parents to “be careful” when we were little, or from a harsh criticism from a teacher at school.

How Positive Affirmations Can Affect Your Daily Life

Positive affirmations play an important role in our daily life. They can help you improve your self esteem with great ease.

How to Get Affirmations to Work For You

Affirmations only work if you believe them to be true. When you say affirmations, be sure to really FEEL what you are saying and you will notice the results.

How to Use Self Affirmation to Achieve a Better You

Self affirmation theory was first conceived by Claude Steele (1988). It is a theory based on the principle that people wants to uphold the integrity of the self. The eventual goal of self is to guard the image of its self-integrity, principles and competence. Integrity is defined as the sense that one is a good and an appropriate person. The theory provides answers to the question of why people react in such a way to reinstate self-worth when their picture of self-integrity is endangered. In the theory, people respond to threats by using indirect psychological adaptation of affirming alternative self resources unconnected to the aggravating threat.

How to Write a Positive Affirmation With Success

This is something I do from time to time, when I’m not up to the vibrational energy I need to manifest in my own life. I hope you find these useful.

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