START Your DAY Like This I AM Morning Affirmations

Start your day like this. I am morning affirmations to kick-start your day. Includes: start your day, morning I am affirmations, morning affirmations, I am affirmations, bob baker, start your day like this, I am morning affirmations, morning affirmations for success, law of attraction, i am meditation, positive affirmations.

Congratulations on cueing up this recording. Most people jump out of bed in the morning and launch into their day on autopilot – without giving much thought to how they want their day to unfold. But not you. You understand the power of setting intentions and laying a positive mental foundation for your day. So give yourself credit for that realization.

0:00 Intro
1:05 Affirmations begin
7:48 Final thoughts

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Written and read by Bob Baker (c) 2020
Original background music by Gregory Cain (c) 2020. Hear more of his music at


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