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From the album HEART AND SOUL:

PERFORMED BY: Rachael Schroeder:

Exec Producer/ DoP/ Edit: Alfred Naupoto
Producer: Jaden Bowen
Director: Jean-Pierre Addinall
1st Assistant DIrector: James Backsay
1st Assistant Camera: Robin Tampoe
Gaffer: Ellie Hayward
Electric: Seth Lebrese, Alfred Beales
Production Assistant: Harry Sabulis
Choreographer: Joyanne Dunn

Daughter: Nicole Hoskins @nicolehoskins
Father: Paul Malgapo @paulmalgapo
Backup Dancer #1: Georgia Hampson @hampsongeorgia
Backup Dancer #2: Fliss Morton @flissmorton_

Chloe Irving, Declan Beattie, Jordan Clarke, Jake Holroyd, Kristina Nicole Dobrowolny, Albertus Lucius Thamrin, Nandun Wickremeratne, Tyler McCallum

Serve Chilled Post
Sherwood Uniting Church
Rob’s Dance Studio
Alex Shingles
Sarah Nitson
Benjamin Paul Russel

“I’m growing stronger
Even when I’m broken
Piece myself back together, stand up tall
Fight the fear and carry on
I’m growing stronger

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This Song Will Help You Find Strength In Hard Times

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