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YouAreCreators was created to share one of the greatest secrets of the Universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! No…really (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the “Law Of Attraction”, or the law of “Reaping and Sowing”. This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out.

Affirmations: The Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts are magnetic–they draw to us whatever we are thinking. Positive thinking creates positive results. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences and keep us stuck. Many of our fear-based beliefs came from decisions we made from our experiences. For example, if you feel guilty about something you did, you may decide that you are bad and that you don’t deserve to be prosperous.

Effectively Working With Affirmations

How to Improve your life using Affirmations. What is an affirmation? How to use affirmations for children.

Self-Worth: Affirming Personal Value

You are valuable! You are special. You were born an original and should not die a copy. Allow me to affirm your authenticity. You are the way you are because of why you are.

Try Using Fortune Cookie Affirmations!

Fortune cookies can be great sources of affirmations, says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, President of, sales, service & success coach, and best-selling author of 12 books and the audio program, “The Law of Large Numbers: How To Make Success Inevitable,” published by Nightingale-Conant. According to this popular keynote speaker and radio and TV commentator, you can find lasting inspiration in those tiny sayings.

Combining Music and Power Affirmations: Creating Playlists in iTunes of Music and Affirmations

One simple way to amplify the power of affirmations is to create a playlist in iTunes or some similar program that include both Power Affirmations and your favorite songs. This article talks about how to do this, the benefits of combining playlists with music, and how you can get a list of 255 songs used by Tony Robbins in his live events. When I speak about combining music and Power Affirmations in this instance, I’m not speaking of Power Affirmations that include music, but rather creating playlists that include both music and Power Affirmations as separate tracks or “songs.”

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