THE REAL ME (Official Music Video) Fearless Soul

THE REAL ME (Official Music Video) Fearless Soul
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Written, and Performed by the Amazing Rachael Schroeder:

MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

“I know it’s a gift to be
Different, there’s only one me
And I know who’s supposed to be
In my life, will come to me

So I’m living my truth, chasing my dreams
It’s time to be the real me
Embrace who I am, through good and bad
I won’t hide who I am

Living my truth, chasing my dreams
It’s time to be the real me
Embrace who I am, through good and bad
I won’t hide who I am
The Real Me

I know I’m not for everyone, but then they’re not meant for me
The right ones will stay
I appreciate the moments with those from my past
They made me who I am today”

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Affirmation Songs Have the Best Results

The power of affirmations is enormous when used properly. I have seen affirmations manifest things almost immediately. For affirmations to be the most powerful you really have to get into it without thinking something negative like “it’s not working”, or “it’s taking too long.” There are many ways you can affirm something. For instance in a statement, “I am powerful.”, or in a question like “How did I get so powerful?”

Affirmations – How to Make Them Work For You

What do you think about most of the time? Are your thoughts positive, negative, neutral? When something doesn’t go the way you want, what is your first thought? Our thoughts are constantly running around in our minds. Sometimes we forget that we can manage our thoughts. What we focus on expands in our lives. When we learn how to shift our focus from what we don’t want to what we do want, miracles happen.

A Great Way to Add Emotion and Believability to Your Affirmations

When going through your regular daily routine of reciting your affirmations and new beliefs, it may become simply that, a routine. The emotion or believability is just not there. It may be similar to when you go through your gratitude list each day. If your spouse is a regular on the list of things you are grateful for, what happens after you have just had a big fight? Can you honestly feel the gratitude for him or her at that moment, or are you just going through the list because that is what you do everyday?

Affirmations For Administration

YOU MUST! You must APPLY! You must apply what you have learned.

What Do Affirmations Really Mean?

Positive affirmations are powerful tools to help you manifest what you desire into your life. Everything that exists is made up of energy in the form of radiating wavelengths. The denser the form, a rock for example, the lower the energy levels, at the other end of the spectrum there exists things that have high levels of energy.

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