This Song Will Help You FIND YOUR WAY (Official Lyric Video FIND MY WAY)

This Song Will Help You FIND YOUR WAY (Official Lyric Video FIND MY WAY) – Download or stream it now on EVERY good music platform, or here:

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MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

“Sometimes I’m not sure who I am
or even if I’m where I’m supposed to be
Grateful for all of my memories
Starting to feel, like I need new air

Today isn’t my forever
I’m always changing for the better
I listen closely to my soul
to know what I’ve got to let go

And every single day
I’m looking forward
Be brave, embrace change
Taking steps into the unknown
Breaking free, finding clarity
What’s best for me
I will find my way
Every single day
I find my way

Nothing is good, nothing is bad
I let life happen
and take it all in
I choose to focus on myself
And promise to always put myself first

Today isn’t my forever
I’m always changing for the better
I listen closely to my soul
To know what I’ve got to let go”

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