This Song Will Inspire You To Let Go (TAKE CHANCES EVERY DAY)

This Song Will Inspire You To Let Go | TAKE CHANCES EVERY DAY (Official Music Video) Fearless Soul
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Written, and Performed by the Amazing Rachael Schroeder:

MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

“Lately I’ve been going nowhere
Keep getting in my own way,
nobody but myself to blame
Perfection never is the answer

I’m never gonna make it far,
if fear’s my only Northern star
So I’m trying,
to not be afraid
Yeah, I’m learning
to trust myself anyways

I’ve lost too much time and joy,
that can never be replaced
So I’m choosing
to take chances everyday

Every new day brings opportunity
to be better than I was before
and love myself a little more
Don’t need to have all the answers
to be ready to make a change,
no I don’t want to live this way

So I’m trying
to not be afraid
Yeah, I’m learning
to trust myself anyways”

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