This Song Will Remind You There IS Still Good In The World (Fearless Soul)

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WRITTEN and PERFORMED by the amazing Rachael Schroeder:

MUSIC composed by the one and only Patrick Rundblad:

FILM AND EDIT by E.T. Rouleau, Indie Creative Agency

Jesse Langbien
Luz Rodriguez
Georgia Cook
John Khosravian

“Spend a little time
Thinking ‘bout the good in life
Even when you have to look a little closerI
f you’re feeling down
There’s still happiness around
Waiting to be found and shared with another
So don’t let fear take away from joy
There’s always love near in the world
From the early light of the sunrise
To the stars shining bright
There’s always a piece of good
For each of us in life
Give a little more
When you find your way back up
No one truly does anything alone
A simple smile
Can be the best difference
Take a moment to be who you needed “

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