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Why are you here? What is your purpose for being. Maybe this can help?

Affirmations – The Secret To Your Number 1 Best Selling Hit Of All Time

We all use affirmations, whether positive or negative. It’s the script that runs in your head and heart all the time whether spoken aloud or not. Learn how you can create your Number 1 best selling hit of all time.

Happiness Affirmation – My Challenge to You

When everything is all boiled down to the lowest common denominator, the one thing that each and every human being is desperately searching for and craving is all the same. We all crave happiness. I am going to give you an affirmation for happiness and I will GUARANTEE one thing to you – IF you use it. My guarantee is that IF you use my happiness affirmation every day for at least 30 days consecutively that you will wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. You will wake up HAPPY! What better way could there be for you to start your day? Are you up to the challenge? Well, ARE you?

Affirmations – Imagery – Success Tools for Well-Being

Take the surveys to review your life situation and find out how your hidden or non conscious self feels. Your answers will reflect your unconscious habitual states of mind that you compulsively run about yourself and your life situation. Although you will be considering changes you’d like to make in each area and identifying action steps for each to initiate immediately you will be instructed at the end of the survey to choose THE one area of your life you want MOST to change and take action immediately. …

Affirmations 101

How to structure your thoughts so the Law of Attraction works for you!

Imagery & Affirmations – Activating Your Success Mechanism

Your mental states continually shift from moment to moment. You develop strategies and emotional habits for dealing with life events. Warning lights flash on and off in your neural networks connecting the dots internally to guide you automatically to a preset response.

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