“What’s coming NEXT could be even WORSE!?”

It’ll get worse, are you prepared?”
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Patience And Gratitude, Relying On Your Own Grace

Patience is a virtue, is always said by many wise people through the ages, but, this saying is not always made very clear. But, today, I will make it pretty clear that patience and grace are one and the same, really. For real patience is living like you need and want to live gracefully and doing what is genuinely necessary always for the result genuinely desired in a good way.

3 Tips That Will Turbo Charge Your Positive Affirmations

Want to know how to put your affirmations on steroids? This article will teach you three proven strategies for applying affirmations effectively.

Conventional Affirmations Entrench Denial

In this article I would like to continue in the same spirit as my previous article ” Traditional Affirmations do not work” and go a bit deeper into another dangerous affect traditional/conventional affirmations can have on the psyche. This article will explain why denial can be reinforced by conventional affirmations and further illustrate why Switchwords can bypass this effect.

Cleaning Up Our Acts – The New Years Resolution

New Years Resolutions are a feature of the festive season. We make promises to ourselves to clean up our lives be better people, but where did it all start?

The Answer To The Biggest Problem Of All, Named

Fear is an affirmation as courage is. As irrational fear is the biggest problem of all, rational courage is the biggest solution of all.

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