You Are Affirmations – Release Anger & Toxic Energy (While You Sleep)

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YOU ARE affirmations. Near 8hrs of positive affirmations to release anger and release toxic energy.

Holding a grudge and harbouring anger and resentment is nothing but poison to your soul. It is time to release this negativity NOW.

Part of the ‘Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these healing sleep affirmations will enable you to let go of the past and release all the anger and toxicity that has been holding you back.

Listen to this track while you sleep and you will release negative energy that no longer serves you – creating a space for abundance, light and positivity to fill your life!

With love,
Jess @ Live The Life You Love ❤️️

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Music: Adrift Volume 2 by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

The Power of Affirmations For Mothers

Among all the jobs in the world, whether you’re getting paid for performing it or not, motherhood seems to be the one that demands the highest degree of multi-tasking. Whether you work full-time or part-time to make a contribution to the family coffers, every mom is undoubtedly left with not much “ME” time daily. Getting the kids ready for school, helping them with their homework, doing the menu, organizing bills that need to be paid, cleaning house and doing the laundry makes every mom wish a day had 30 hours instead of 24.

Affirmation Jingles Make Sense

You’re undoubtedly familiar with affirmations. You know about those little sayings people use to retrain their thinking and to develop a positive outlook on life (and the advantages that offers). While affirmations are almost universally understood, many people aren’t yet knowledgeable about a great variation to the overall theme. Affirmation jingles are a great way to secure the power of positive self-talk.

Use Positive Affirmations to Become a Champion

No matter what your goal is you can use positive affirmations to change your life. Positive affirmations are one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal for creating a champion mindset. If you have a big goal ahead of you or you want to take your life in a new direction, you need to incorporate this tool into your daily life.

Four Surefire Ways to Make Positive Affirmations More Powerful

There’s no better way to retrain your thinking and to experience a happier life than by utilizing positive affirmations. However, some people fail to reach their objectives and have a difficult time making affirmations work. Let’s look at three things you can do to increase the power of your positive self-talk.

Affirmations For Money

Are you ready to learn how affirmations for money can help you create more income, prosperity, and abundance? Do you want more out of your life?

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