YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS (Story of 2 Brothers)

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Film By E.T. Rouleau

Older Twins – Darren George –
Teen Twins – Sam Folden –
Younger Twins – Elijah Brownlie –
Father – Scott Toohey –
Teen Twins – Sam Folden –
The Mother – Barbara Sos –

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“The mother of the twin goes to visit her son in prison … and she asks the son…“How did you end up like this?”

Angered at her question, he responds:“My father was an alcoholic… what choice did I have!!!?”He blamed his father for how his life turned out. After all, he was the role model for such behaviour.

On the way home the mother went to visit the other twin…This twin’s life turned out a bit different.He has never touched a drop of alchohol in his life, he is happily married, with 2 beautiful children and lives a very happy, successful life. The mother asks this son:  “How did you end up like this?”

He responds:“My father was an angry alcoholic… what choice did I have?”

“I didn’t want that life for myself… I remember watching him thinking ‘That will never be me!’ No matter what – I wanted the opposite for my life and my kids lives!”

The moral of the story?

It doesn’t matter what happens to us – it only matters what MEANING we give to what happens to us – that is what shapes our lives. That is what shapes who we will become.

We can choose to blame other people and the world for where we are in life… or who we become… like the brother in prison… or we can see the negative things in our lives as a blessing… as guidance for what we do not want for our life….”

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