Your Photos Wanted for My Videos! Watch for Details

For years I’ve done what most YouTubers do – used stock photos in my videos. Then the other day, with some nudging from my girlfriend Pooki, I hatched a fabulous idea: Why not include photos of real people who enjoy and support my channel?

So here’s my request: Send me a couple photos of yourself for possible use in upcoming videos.


They don’t have to be “professional-looking.” Most smartphones these days take pretty great pictures.

And you don’t have to look like a model. I want photos of real people who are listening to and enjoying my recordings.

All sizes, shapes, and ethnicities are welcome and encouraged.

Just make sure the photos are clear, with good lighting, etc.

And, since my videos are all about positivity and personal growth, I would love to see you SMILING and radiating positive energy in your photos.

Also INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME AND WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED WHEN YOU SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS. I will include those details along with your image.

Email your photos to [email protected]

Or email me a Dropbox or Google Drive link to them.

Just pick two or three of your favorites and that should be fine.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTE: By sending your photos to me, you are agreeing to allow me to use them in upcoming YouTube videos for no compensation.

If you send me photos shot by a professional photographer, please make sure you have the rights to use them as you please.

I’ll do my best to include your photo. Just know that I may not be able to use all of them.

I thought this would be a fun way to include good people like you who are responsible for the immense growth of my channel.

You are a big part of my success story and I would love to have you represented in upcoming videos.

Positive Daily Affirmations for Relationships

Everyone knows that positive daily affirmations can help in many different aspects of life. They can help you become successful, rich, happy, and more. What you may not know is that you can use positive daily affirmations to help your relationships.

Effective Use of Affirmations for Success

Affirmations for success can help you become extremely successful in anything you do. An affirmation is a statement that you repeat to yourself to embed it into your subconscious. Most of the time, affirmations for success are used for work, but can be applied to just about anything in life.

Stand Up!

Identify what you want and then stand up for it. Make it into an affirmation and say it to yourself over and over every day.

Truth Is in Your Process

It is a time of truth raising its eyebrows! What a world we live in where change comes with the force of using your voice. We are witnessing massive global shifts of both the environment and the people. As human beings, we quest to find and celebrate our inner truth. For many to step forth into their truth is a huge and daunting personal process.

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